Hot ChocolaTEA

Hot ChocolaTEA

Hot ChocolaTEA….

Adding that deep sense of self connection and love by creating or adding to your self care and self love rituals is the best thing you will do for your self and your power within you, it’s dosnt have to be any thing big what ever resonates with you and your feels. But a slow sipped hot drink in a nice warm bath is a great place to start.

From the maker;

This delicious herbal infused healthy hot chocolate with medicinal mushrooms and adaptogenic herbs can help support immune and adrenal health, to enhance the body’s resistance to stress and disease. This beautiful silky smooth hot chocolate is made from premium quality fair trade Peruvian raw cacao.

Made with 100% certified organic fair trade raw cacao, true cinnamon, ashwagandha, astragalus, and lion’s mane, cordyceps and chaga mushrooms.